Welcome to Turn Peace Around!

So you're wondering about our flipped peace signs, huh?

Well, take a few minutes to wander around our site here and check things out. The About page should answer most of your questions. If not, feel free to send a message to us anytime - turnpeacearound @ gmail.com

The main reason we have flipped our peace signs is because the original design was actually a man in despair. It seems silly to use an image depicting sadness and defeat to represent a positive and joyful thing such as peace.

We're putting a positive spin on the traditional peace sign, showing the world that we are pro-peace instead of anti-war.

You can join us, if you like.

Our group on Facebook is all about positivity and ways we can spread the message of a positive peace sign.

Then you can start flipping your own peace signs - in your doodles, your stickers, whatever you can.

And when you can't flip any more of your own, you can check out the Zibbet shop for some handmade items featuring flipped peace signs.

Or, if you like, check out Zazzle for a large variety of items that you can easily add the flipped peace sign to before purchasing them.

Are you getting a lot of people asking questions about the upside down peace sign? We have postcards and business cards already designed that you can purchase and hand out as desired.

We're glad to have you here! If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to ask! Feedback is important to us.