Carolyn is turning peace around

I've decided that a good way to get more people involved in spreading the message of Turn Peace Around, is to show you how easy it can be. This is second post in the "Look Who's Turning Peace Around" series (which you can find always linked on the right side of the blog), featuring fellow believers and how they are doing their part to tell others about this amazing idea.

Carolyn, of Grandmother's House and Everything Else

Carolyn, better known as Grandma C in the Zibbet circles, runs Grandmother's House, which caters to the kids in everyone's life, as well as her new extension, Everything Else, where she features other items for the home, adults and pets. She is a fantastic and positive person, and does a lot in supporting other Zibbeters. I was tickled pink when she told me Turn Peace Around had inspired her.

I believe the first she really heard about Turn Peace Around was in my interview as the Featured Zibbeter in March 2012. The interview was mostly about me and my woodworking, but when given the opportunity to talk about other things, I simply had to bring up my passion for spreading the Turn Peace Around message. And that message must have resounded with Carolyn, because she contact me later that week to ask if the symbol/design was copyrighted (which it is not).

A few weeks later, I received a message from her through the Everything Else Zibbet shop, sharing with me this new item she has created featuring the Turn Peace Around design. Isn't it lovely? The dark colors of the towel certainly make the designs 'pop' and grab your attention! I bet if you used one of these as a gym towel, you'd certainly get a chance to talk about the message behind this flipped peace sign...

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Are you turning peace around in some way? Tell me all about it, send some pictures my way, and I'll gladly share it with the world here on the blog. You can contact me anytime at, just mention the blog in your subject line so I know it's not spam. Thanks.


  1. What a nice surprise, Ms. Connie! Thank you for blogging "my" story and new involvement with TPA. As we speak, the machine is humming, putting out additional hand-towels that will be taken to a busy shop at the Farmer's Market.
    ((HUGS)) & TPA,
    Grandmother Carolyn

  2. Love it! I've seen these wonderful towels and love the beautiful message of "Turn Peace Around"!