Stand(ing) alone?

Okay, so no inspirational quote this week, and no post about my products. This week, I'm seriously looking for some input, from the people that like and follow Turn Peace Around.

First off, why do you like us? Is this a cause you honestly believe in and act upon?

Secondly, I'd like to know if you think this cause needs to stand alone, or if it is better connected with my other business? I originally combined them for ease on my part, but every day, I wonder if it'd be better separated...

In case you didn't know, I've been doing a lot of thinking this week, and apparently I don't have the answers to my own questions, so I'm asking everyone else for their input. Because honestly, if there isn't interest and support for what I do, I may need to stop doing it.... It's hard for me to admit that, but it's true.

So, help me out here.... What do you think of what I've already done for Turn Peace Around? What else would you like to see done? Are you willing to support and/or work with me to make this a success, or am I in this quest alone?

As an incentive, all constructive criticism will get a surprise deal coupon code to use on TPA items only. If you don't feel comfortable sharing here on the blog (or on FB or G+), simply send an email to with the subject line "suggestions for TPA" so I don't delete it.

Thanks for your help! Remember, I'm doing this for YOU, not just me.....

Sustainability for Peace

Something that has been on my mind lately, in one way or another, is sustainability. This is one's ability to continue living without modern luxuries (like power, oil, etc). Sustainability is based on learning to live with the natural world around them. Think homesteaders, survivalists, preppers and the like.

The reason I bring it up here is because I honestly believe that the way we live our life, and the way we treat our environment, is directly related to our inner peace. When you live a life that is rushed by meetings, presentations and deadlines, you don't have the time to connect with the Earth. This certainly hinders your level of peace....

But you don't have to be stuck in that life of concrete and artificial light. If you take some steps to live more sustainably, I bet your levels of stress would decline, and conversely increase your inner peace.

Wood Nymph, by Josephine Wall
Some simple things you can do, no matter where you are:

-- Garden. Plant something and nurture it. Living in the city? Try a window box with herbs. Even just a houseplant or two. If you have the space, spread out and grow something edible. Find out which vegetables and/or fruits are easy to grow in your climate, and start growing some of your own food.

-- If you can't garden at all, at least try eating more local foods. Search out the Farmer's Market near you, and support your local economy by buying foods in season from your nearby farmers and producers.

-- Walk or ride more. Get out and use those muscles! The less you depend on gas-powered vehicles now, the easier it will be to transition when the oil runs out. Not to mention the reduced impact on the planet you'll have. And the fresh air will do you good.

-- Stop buying processed foods and start making more food from scratch at home. Get involved in the creation of your meals, teach your children where the food comes from, and stop wasting all that packing material.

-- Reduce your waste - recycle, buy used or clearance/markdown, give away items you don't need but still have life in them, buy in bulk (if you have a way to store it without it going bad), only purchase what you need when you are ready to use it, etc.

-- Make connections in your community. Learn to barter ("I'll give you my empty egg cartons in return for a dozen eggs from your chickens"). Work together to create something everyone can use.

PostSecret postcard
All of these things will bring you closer to the Earth, as well as those around you. And in the process, you will reduce stress (both mental and monetary), which will ultimately create a sense of peace that will permeate your whole life.

And remember, creating inner peace is the first step to creating world peace.

Are you living sustainably, even in a small way? What do you do? Has it created peace in your life somehow? Please, share with us!

Hemp Jewelry

After creating the hand-painted tote bags sporting the flipped peace sign, I wanted to try something else..... Why not jewelry? That's something people can wear, carrying this new peace symbol with them everywhere they go.

First, I had to find some peace sign charms that were not forced to hang a certain way. A lot of the charms I found had a single loop at the "top". Thicker clay charms and beads had pre-drilled hole(s), which forced them to hang in the traditional way. So I asked the folks on Etsy for some help.

I ended up having a couple different clay artists creating peace signs for me with no holes or loop to string from. I also found some silver peace signs that had no loop on top. Lastly, I created a few wooden charms with the peace sign burned onto them.

Then I picked up some hemp. Took me about a month or so to get the hang of basic macrame tying of hemp and creating jewelry. I work with both smaller hemp twine, as well as the larger chunky-weight stuff. The part I still have trouble with is knowing what length to cut the hemp before I start working with it. hence the reason I have ended up with bracelets instead of chokers.... *sheepish grin*

Check out what hemp jewelry I still have for sale in the shop. Have a special request? Just ask! I will do what I can to make something extra special, something you can excited about sharing with others.

Peace and Health

Health and Peace are intimately connected - you cannot have one without the other.

I was gonna keep writing, but I want that to sink in first....

You can't have Peace without Health.
You can't have Health without Peace.

War (the lack of Peace) is therefore connected to Disease (lack of Health). Maybe not in the same intimate relationship, but pretty close.

We're talking big-scale here, not just internally or in our immediate community. This is the kind of stuff we see on the news.... War-torn countries with people dying daily, not only from gunfire, but also from the spread of illness, lack of food and water, and the inability to get the help they need.

Bringing medicine to those in need may not be the answer to the war, but it will certainly give the innocent civilians a chance to survive....

But what about when the war is over? Will the traumas of the recent past haunt their memories and prevent them from being able to compromise or work together with their former enemies? How can we bring Peace to the people who hate us?

There's a lot to think about here, both from the global view as well as the personal view. Are you at peace when you are sick? Not me. When you are at peace, do you feel healthy and strong? Almost always!

That's enough from me. What are your thoughts on this?