Portable Graffiti is turning peace around

I've decided that a good way to get more people involved in spreading the message of Turn Peace Around, is to show you how easy it can be. This is my first post in the "Look Who's Turning Peace Around" series, featuring fellow believers and how they are doing their part to tell others about this amazing idea.

Judy, of Portable Graffiti

Judy is one talented, and often quite busy, person whom I met through Zibbet. She started Portable Graffiti back in the late 70s, making and selling hand-pressed pinback buttons. Her talents have grown and changed over the years, to include proof-reading and graphic design, but she still makes buttons in a variety of sizes and styles.

I spoke with her about making a button for me to 'wear' on my purse and showcase my message, I gave her my simple design, and she created this wonderfully huge button for me (it's a whopping 4" across!). I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the button and the clarity of the design. I proudly wear it on my purse (as pictured), and get a few comments here and there about it. This large button certainly helps start the conversation about Turn Peace Around, that's for sure.

After I showed Judy how the button looks on my bag, she agreed to create a listing in her own Zibbet shop for this button (in any size), and linking back to Turn Peace Around. Now you, too, can get a simple pinback button to spread the message of Turn Peace Around, while supporting a small-business owner and crafter.

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I have one more feature to write up next week, but after that I'm all out.
Are you turning peace around in some way? Tell me all about it, send some pictures my way, and I'll gladly share it with the world here on the blog. You can contact me anytime at turnpeacearound@gmail.com, just mention the blog in your subject line so I know it's not spam. Thanks.