Being Peace

"If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having."
Henry Miller

This simple quote says a lot in just a few words. It reiterates a message that has lasted for many decades and generations....

Peace starts within, and it's not materialistic.

You can't expect someone else to create peace for you, it has to start within yourself. And peace is not about the things you have, but rather the way you live.

So, what are you doing to create peace in your own life? What positive changes are you taking to increase the level of peace around you?

It's a state of mind...

"Peace is not an absence of war;
it is a virtue, a state of mind,
a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice."

And this is why we need to create peace within our own self before we can expect it to move outward to the world around us.

I sit here, reading and re-reading these lines, trying to think of something to say in regards to it, but this quote really speaks for itself. He's clearly defined "peace" as something each individual has control over, as well as being something moral as well.

Turn Peace Around is also a state of mind - we see the power of the symbol and we spread that message by sharing the symbol and the idea with others around us. But we have to truly believe it ourselves before we can expect others to join with us.

So, what do you think?

Hand-painted Tote Bags

To balance out all these thought-provoking posts, I wanted to stop and share with you a little bit about our hand-painted tote bags.

In case you haven't seen them yet, we currently offer some hand-painted cotton tote bags, perfect for shopping or trips to the library.

These bags are made of a sturdy cotton material, in a natural color (not dyed), with durable handles and a 3" gusset.

On each bag, I've taken the time to get messy :) I have a stencil that I cut out, that is the peace sign. Holding it in place with one hand, I use a sponge or paintbrush to add color over and around the stencil. I try to pick out the colors beforehand, and have them ready alongside a cup of water, so I can quickly switch between colors as I paint. Because I only have one stencil, I have to paint only one bag at a time. But the stencil part is fairly quick - it's the lettering and extra decoration that takes longer.

I 'assembly line' these - first, painting the stenciled Peace sign; then, adding the words "Turn Peace Around" on the front of each bag. Finally, I add a little something extra to the back of the bag - a web address for more information. The first time I did them, I used the web address for the site that inspired this whole thing,; The next batch features the URL for my Zibbet shop -; unfortunately, neither of these addresses are really accurate anymore. I'm not sure what address I will use on my next batch of bags - any suggestions?

These bags make a great conversation starter, so be sure to carry them around whenever you have errands to do. You never know who will be interested in this new take on a classic symbol. With every order, you get a handful of informational cards to hand out, so when people ask you about the design on your bag, you can hand them a card explaining it.

Pick up your bags here, only $9.95 each, plus $5 shipping in the US. Don't see a design you like? I will gladly do up a custom bag for you, just tell me what you'd like to see, or what colors I can combine for you. At this time, we don't offer international shipping, but if you are interested, don't let that stop you! Contact me for a quote on shipping prices to your country.