Positive Thinking to Create Peace

Over the years, there have been many people who have told us about the power of our thoughts. I believe the most common line is "What we think, we become."

And it is true - our thoughts, particularly the ones we focus on the most, become our reality. When we focus on NOT having something, we continue to NOT have the things we want. But by shifting our thoughts to the things we actually want, we can focus on them to manifest the change we are actually seeking.

The perfect example is fat. Often, we think to ourselves "If I wasn't so fat..." or "I wish I wasn't fat..." The key word here is "FAT" - we are focusing on what we don't want. Instead, we need to change our internal thoughts to something more positive, such as "I wish I was of a healthy weight" or "I want to be lean, trim and fit".

While this is just a small, simple example, it is the beginning of something much bigger. Once you can adjust your internal attitude about yourself, you can start changing your thinking about a variety of things around you.

My favorite practice exercise from The Secret was to focus on green lights. Before you leave the house, tell yourself that you will catch only green lights, and your route will be clear and easy to travel. Focus on that thought for a minute or so before you leave, while sitting in the car perhaps. Then keep that positive attitude while you are driving. Do this every day for a week and see if your route to work changes at all. It most likely will.

What am I getting at with all of this? Simple - master the art of positive thinking for yourself, then you can focus on the world around you. Instead of wishing for the end of war and suffering, we need to focus our wishes on peace, harmony and happiness for all life.

The problem is that the peace symbol we've been using for years was drawn with underlying negativity. When Gerald Holtom created it, he was imagining a man in despair, hanging his head and drooping his arms down and out. A truly sad image. And yet, this is the image we use for peace...

How can we achieve peace with such a sad thought? It is this reason that we have flipped our peace sign around, to be a much more positive symbol. Now, the lines and "arms" are pointed upward, in a stance of strength and power, of peace and happiness. It is this 'new' peace sign that will bring the positive results we seek. Will you join us?