Someone noticed...

Not too long ago, I came across an article on titled "6 Famous Symbols That Don't Mean What You Think". And while some folks can't handle the style of writing over at Cracked, they often have very valid and true points buried in the sarcasm.

Take this article, for example. #4 on the list of 6 symbols is the Peace Sign. It presents accurate information about it's conception and history. The humorous commentary, however, might be deemed slightly distasteful by some.

The other symbols included on the list also have correct historical information included, but again, might not be your choice of wording.

Either way, I wanted to share the article with you guys, because someone actually paid attention to the fact that the original creator of the peace sign didn't like the drawing that caught on, and actually wanted it flipped from the beginning. Depending on how many grains of salt you take with your articles, you might be able to contest that they are trying to change the symbol as well....

With that being said, I say "Continue to spread the message!" - you never know who will notice next....

Declare World Peace

So there is this site I've stumbled upon a few times in the past, bookmarked, and followed on Facebook and Google+. It is called "I Declare World Peace" and they really are an awesome, unbiased, neutral resource.

On their site, they have a "Wall of Support" that links to other sites and blogs that support this message (not all sites are about peace, but that is the general idea). I've recently connected with them and added our blog to their Wall. I want the world to know that Turn Peace Around is a positive movement, not about making the peace sign into something negative or twisted. Also, it might gain us a little extra exposure in the process, which can't hurt, right?

Anyhow, if you are so compelled, I ask that you check out the site, like their Facebook page, follow them on Google+, and add a link to them from your own blog. What harm could come from that?

Peace and Blessings,

Newest additions

Please welcome Carolyn (owner of Grandmother's House and Everything Else) to the collective shop!

We finally got some of her embroidered towels listed, for all to enjoy and oogle. Stop in and take a look!

These towels are also on display at her local Farmer's Market, spreading the message one shopper at a time.

We're on Pinterest!

One of our fans and shop contributors decided to spread the message of Turn Peace Around through one of the fastest-growing websites out there - Pinterest.

Norma, of Texas Eagle Gallery, put together a Turn Peace Around pinboard, including items from our collective shop as well as other items found on Zibbet matching our theme. Check it out!

Click the image above to be whisked away to the board, where you can spread the message by re-pinning your favorite pieces! Don't forget to follow the board as well, so you can see all the new goodies as they are added.