What is it?
A new take on a classic symbol... Spreading the message of pro-peace, one handcrafted item at a time!

We are spreading the message of a 'flipped' peace sign, a pro-peace symbol, by including it on a variety of hand-crafted items.

Why are we doing it?
For over 50 years we've had the peace sign that we all know. Unfortunately, the symbol with the "arms" facing down, represents death and despair.

Originally inspired by the website www.TurnPeaceAround.org, we've taken the symbol and simply turned it around. Now the arms are raised up in hope, joy and positive energy. Rather than anti-war, it's pro-peace. It may seem like a small change, but as you know, it's always better to wish for what you want, rather than what you don't want. Only a positive intent achieves a positive result.

 For more detail, feel free to read our post: Why Turn Peace Around?


What is it not?
It is not a broken cross. It is not representative of the opposite of the original (anti-peace). It is not evil in any way. In fact, the center 'stalk' of the flipped peace sign is also the ancient rune Algiz, which is often associated with Protection, Family/Heritage, and/or Connection with the Gods.

What can I get?
It's one thing to simply turn your own peace signs around (buttons, stickers, earrings, etc). It's another to have something made specifically with the peace sign already flipped. That is why we are bringing you hand-painted natural cotton tote bags, a variety of hemp jewelry, various charms and accessories, unique upcycled pieces and a few pyrographed (woodburned) gift items. We also provide explanatory cards (both postcard size and business card size) in every order, for you to hand out when people question your 'upside-down' peace sign. If you want just the cards, or need more, contact us for ordering details.

New ideas come up all the time, and new items appear regularly as more people join the collective... so keep an eye out for new products in the future.

Where can I get it?
Most of our products are currently listed for sale on Zibbet at Turn Peace Around. We also have a Zazzle storefront where you can order any item they offer with our basic design printed right onto it, as well as our postcards and business cards to hand out when people ask about your "upside down" peace sign. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us and we'll get back to you right away!