Hand-painted Tote Bags

To balance out all these thought-provoking posts, I wanted to stop and share with you a little bit about our hand-painted tote bags.

In case you haven't seen them yet, we currently offer some hand-painted cotton tote bags, perfect for shopping or trips to the library.

These bags are made of a sturdy cotton material, in a natural color (not dyed), with durable handles and a 3" gusset.

On each bag, I've taken the time to get messy :) I have a stencil that I cut out, that is the peace sign. Holding it in place with one hand, I use a sponge or paintbrush to add color over and around the stencil. I try to pick out the colors beforehand, and have them ready alongside a cup of water, so I can quickly switch between colors as I paint. Because I only have one stencil, I have to paint only one bag at a time. But the stencil part is fairly quick - it's the lettering and extra decoration that takes longer.

I 'assembly line' these - first, painting the stenciled Peace sign; then, adding the words "Turn Peace Around" on the front of each bag. Finally, I add a little something extra to the back of the bag - a web address for more information. The first time I did them, I used the web address for the site that inspired this whole thing, www.turnpeacearound.org; The next batch features the URL for my Zibbet shop - www.zibbet.com/turnpeacearound; unfortunately, neither of these addresses are really accurate anymore. I'm not sure what address I will use on my next batch of bags - any suggestions?

These bags make a great conversation starter, so be sure to carry them around whenever you have errands to do. You never know who will be interested in this new take on a classic symbol. With every order, you get a handful of informational cards to hand out, so when people ask you about the design on your bag, you can hand them a card explaining it.

Pick up your bags here, only $9.95 each, plus $5 shipping in the US. Don't see a design you like? I will gladly do up a custom bag for you, just tell me what you'd like to see, or what colors I can combine for you. At this time, we don't offer international shipping, but if you are interested, don't let that stop you! Contact me for a quote on shipping prices to your country.

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