Peace within...

As I was wandering around Google+, watching the things that were posted about #peace, I came across this short post. A young woman visited Thailand on a meditation retreat, and came back changed. In the post, she shared her story about how she realized that peace starts inside and is spread upon others around her.

That, my friends, is the basis of peace. You can't just buy a box of Peace off the shelf in your local store. You might find some Peace on the side of the road while you are out for a walk one day. And you can be gifted a small amount of Peace from a friend... but in the end, it is up to YOU to keep that Peace growing and moving onward and outward.

Start by finding the peace within yourself, then focus on nurturing it. Once it has grown to a point where you can no longer contain it, you need to share it and let it spread.

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