Sustainability for Peace

Something that has been on my mind lately, in one way or another, is sustainability. This is one's ability to continue living without modern luxuries (like power, oil, etc). Sustainability is based on learning to live with the natural world around them. Think homesteaders, survivalists, preppers and the like.

The reason I bring it up here is because I honestly believe that the way we live our life, and the way we treat our environment, is directly related to our inner peace. When you live a life that is rushed by meetings, presentations and deadlines, you don't have the time to connect with the Earth. This certainly hinders your level of peace....

But you don't have to be stuck in that life of concrete and artificial light. If you take some steps to live more sustainably, I bet your levels of stress would decline, and conversely increase your inner peace.

Wood Nymph, by Josephine Wall
Some simple things you can do, no matter where you are:

-- Garden. Plant something and nurture it. Living in the city? Try a window box with herbs. Even just a houseplant or two. If you have the space, spread out and grow something edible. Find out which vegetables and/or fruits are easy to grow in your climate, and start growing some of your own food.

-- If you can't garden at all, at least try eating more local foods. Search out the Farmer's Market near you, and support your local economy by buying foods in season from your nearby farmers and producers.

-- Walk or ride more. Get out and use those muscles! The less you depend on gas-powered vehicles now, the easier it will be to transition when the oil runs out. Not to mention the reduced impact on the planet you'll have. And the fresh air will do you good.

-- Stop buying processed foods and start making more food from scratch at home. Get involved in the creation of your meals, teach your children where the food comes from, and stop wasting all that packing material.

-- Reduce your waste - recycle, buy used or clearance/markdown, give away items you don't need but still have life in them, buy in bulk (if you have a way to store it without it going bad), only purchase what you need when you are ready to use it, etc.

-- Make connections in your community. Learn to barter ("I'll give you my empty egg cartons in return for a dozen eggs from your chickens"). Work together to create something everyone can use.

PostSecret postcard
All of these things will bring you closer to the Earth, as well as those around you. And in the process, you will reduce stress (both mental and monetary), which will ultimately create a sense of peace that will permeate your whole life.

And remember, creating inner peace is the first step to creating world peace.

Are you living sustainably, even in a small way? What do you do? Has it created peace in your life somehow? Please, share with us!

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