Hemp Jewelry

After creating the hand-painted tote bags sporting the flipped peace sign, I wanted to try something else..... Why not jewelry? That's something people can wear, carrying this new peace symbol with them everywhere they go.

First, I had to find some peace sign charms that were not forced to hang a certain way. A lot of the charms I found had a single loop at the "top". Thicker clay charms and beads had pre-drilled hole(s), which forced them to hang in the traditional way. So I asked the folks on Etsy for some help.

I ended up having a couple different clay artists creating peace signs for me with no holes or loop to string from. I also found some silver peace signs that had no loop on top. Lastly, I created a few wooden charms with the peace sign burned onto them.

Then I picked up some hemp. Took me about a month or so to get the hang of basic macrame tying of hemp and creating jewelry. I work with both smaller hemp twine, as well as the larger chunky-weight stuff. The part I still have trouble with is knowing what length to cut the hemp before I start working with it. hence the reason I have ended up with bracelets instead of chokers.... *sheepish grin*

Check out what hemp jewelry I still have for sale in the shop. Have a special request? Just ask! I will do what I can to make something extra special, something you can excited about sharing with others.

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