Drawing Peace

This may seem like a silly question, but have you ever drawn a peace sign?

First, let me explain the use of 'catastrophic' and 'anastrophic' movement used in film and literature. Catastrophic movement, or downward travel, leads to bad things, negative changes in the character's story. When the main character enters a tunnel and follows it downward, something bad usually happens at the end. This is catastrophic movement. Anastrophic, or upward, movement, represents travel towards enlightenment and positive changes. Walking up a staircase, for instance, may lead to a revelation of great import to the character.

This can also be applied to the lines we draw on paper. Normally, when drawing the peace sign as we know it, one draws a circle first, then the center line from top down, and finally adding the 2 arms, again drawing them top down. Have you ever thought about this? How does it make you feel to draw lines downward? While some may say it is a way to bring Heaven down to Earth, others may say that this downward drawing is an expression of despair. Personally, when I draw lines downward, I feel sad or negative about the situation.

drawing peace, downward lines
Now, try drawing the flipped peace sign with downward lines - feels awkward, doesn't it?

drawing peace, upward lines
Now draw that same symbol using upward flowing lines. Almost feels uplifting, doesn't it?

Try it a few times and see what you think....

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