Inner Peace before Outer Peace

Time and again, we are told that the only way to create peace around us is to find the peace within ourselves. While it may feel cheesy or lame, I honestly believe it is true.

We have to come to terms with who we truly are inside, and fully accept that person as is rather than trying to be something, or someone, else. Know that you are a good person, and that all people are good people deep down, and the peace begins to grow.

Remember this, though: Peace within is not achieved instantly. It is an arduous journey, with varying lengths for each person. There are many obstacles we must deal with and overcome before we feel at peace with ourselves.

Once we have reached the point where we can say "I am at peace with myself", the next step is to keep living in this harmonious and peaceful manner. Show others that you are a walking manifestation of Peace, and they will want to emulate your every move. You have what they want, and they will copy your actions in order to achieve this peace for themselves.

 As a wise man once said: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

He is saying that in order to create change (in this case, peace), you first have to BE that change. All change starts with one person and a radical idea. Once it becomes infectious, the change (or PEACE) will spread. I fully believe this is the way to spread peace, especially in today's world where everyone is 'trying to keep up with the Jones'.

By being a living example of peace, you are creating the change you want to see. And as such, we first need to reach that level of inner peace before we can expect the outer peace to develop.

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