Spreading a message, one person at a time...

Back in March '10, I received a wonderfully uplifting piece of feedback from someone that purchased 2 hemp necklaces from my Turn Peace Around Etsy shop, and I'd like to share it with you.

Hemp choker w/ pyrographed wooden Peace charm by TurnPeaceAround on Etsy"Thank you so much for the two necklaces! I love them and its very inspiring to change the peace symbol, and I have been asked why my peace sign is upside-down and show them the cards you sent with it and explain the pro peace point of view. The shipping was great too, it came right away, again, thank you so much!
Good luck with more sales! I will be sure to encourage pe
ople I know to purchase some of your designs of turning peace around =]
~shyla (lovepeacenotwar)"

After the really long and draining night I had at work, finishing up the bi-annual inventory, it was great to receive such a positive response to my little mission.

See, when I first heard about Turn Peace Around, I instantly knew it was my job to spread the message of pro-peace and a flipped peace sign. It just fell in line perfectly with my current study of the Law of Attraction and The Secret (aka - what we think is what we create; think positive and create positivity). Why use a symbol of death and despair to represent peace? I mean, duh!

Anyhow, as I began creating items with the flipped sign and telling people about the pro-peace message, I soon looked at the peace sign everyone knows as being 'wrong' in some way... kinda like the Native American symbol for the Sun that was perverted into the Swastika. I wanted to spread this message however I could, and I wanted the people to get excited about it. I wanted to see people as excited to spread the message as I was.

Turn Peace Around story postcardSo I created business cards and small postcards with a brief story about why the peace sign is being flipped. I send out at least 5 with every order of TPA items so that the recipient has enough to hand out when people ask about their peace sign being 'upside down'.

This was the first response I've received that let me know the cards are not wasted. In fact, knowing that she is handing them out, has inspired me. I'm considering offering a bundle of these cards as a listing in the shop that people can purchase. It'd be a way for past customers to become repeat customers, because as they hand the cards out to spread the message, they will need to get more. Does this sound like a something I should add?

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