Other symbols for peace

Original Peace sign, 1958

Sure, we know this symbol represents peace, and we've already discussed why.

But what are some other symbols of peace?

The Olive Branch is one of the oldest symbols of Peace; it was used as far back as the fifth century BCE, where it was held as sacred to Eirene, the Greek goddess of Peace. The olive branch has since been incorporated into the flag of the United Nations.

White Poppies were distributed by the Women's Co-operative Guild in Europe starting in 1933, in remembrance of war causalities, and as a symbol of hope, peace and an end to war.

Rainbow Peace flag
The Peace flag, seen here, was first used in Italy in 1961 at a peace march. The rainbow signifies harmony, and the word PACE is Italian for "peace". Seen in other countries, the rainbow flag often shows the local language version of the word "peace".

✌ A popular sign for peace is the 'V sign' created with the index and middle finger, palm facing outward. Between Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon, the sign represented Victory in the war, and eventually Peace. Just be careful - in many countries, flashing the V sign with your palm facing inwards is actually an insult.

There you have it - some of the many ways we represent peace, and where they came from.

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