Mixing Business with a Message

I'm at a crossroads, guys... and I'm not sure if I even need to be here, but I am.

For those that don't know, I opened a shop last year for Turn Peace Around - handmade items sporting a flipped peace sign. The message I'm trying to spread with it is that the original peace sign was drawn as a symbol of despair, and we should be using a more positive image to represent Peace. Flipping the 'arms' to appear raised connects the idea of peace with many different positive symbols and feelings throughout various cultures.

While this is a great message to spread, it has come to my attention that unless I am cramming it down everyone's throat, it won't ever really catch on. The peace sign is over 50 years old.... who really wants to change it now? I thought that by having a shop of handmade items, I could help spread this message while making a little money for my efforts.

But that's not happening.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm not the right kind of person to be pushing the message. I mean, I can't live and breathe it, so how can I encourage others to do that? It's a great idea, but I feel I'm no good beyond that point.

So here I am, torn between trying to spread a message of positive peace or making some money on the side. And sadly, the way things are going, the money side of the battle is starting to win.

I would love to push this idea, and focus on the concept for everything I do (craft shows, etc), but then my pyrography would be put to the wayside. I love both too much to neglect one or the other... and I've put a LOT of effort into building Breath of the Dragon up so far. Again, the question of money comes up - which one will bring in more money?

I know some of you might be thinking... "Why not just do both, and give them both the attention they need?" And my answer to that is my paying job. If I was unemployed, I would have more than enough time to devote to each... but (un)fortunately, I have a part-time paying job to attend 5 days a week. This takes up a lot of my time and energy, much to my dismay...

Is this the part of creating a business where I have to make sacrifices and put out 210% of myself? [In this case, it would be more than one business (hence the extra 100%)...]

I am just not sure if I want to continue to pursue Turn Peace Around as a business... I could use some input, if you have read this far and have a thought on the subject. Feel free to be honest and critical - I need that right now. That's often the difference between dreams and success....

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