The Power of Symbols

Every day, we are surrounded by symbols of one kind or another. From the symbols used in traffic signs to avatars and icons online, symbols are everywhere. For the most part, we all understand and agree what these symbols mean. Without a definition, however, these symbols are merely images. It is the meaning that we give to an image that turns it into a symbol. As more people agree with the meaning of a symbol, it grows in popularity and more people will also agree that the symbol has a given meaning.

Soon, everyone simply agrees that a symbol has a given meaning, and there are no questions asked. It becomes accepted. And that is what has happened with the Peace sign.

The original artist of the symbol we now know as the peace sign actually admitted that his original design was based on a stick figure man standing with his arms stretched downward and outward, as one would do in the throws of despair. It was convenient that this image was also a compilation of the semaphore (signal flags) letters for N and D, because the symbol was used at a Nuclear Disarmament rally in the UK in 1962.

The rally was not the first of it's kind, but the image used on the posters became iconic. Because the rally was in essence a rally for peace, those at the rally adopted the ND image as a sign for peace. Soon, the symbol was used in peace rallies all over the UK and in late 1963, the peace symbol made it's way across the ocean to the US. It didn't take long for the growing hippie movement to adopt this peace symbol for their own rallies and marches for peace.

Symbols are images that have been given a meaning on which many people agree and support. Just as the ND image that was drawn as a man in despair, the image I want to turn into the new peace symbol is a flipped version of our current peace sign. This image looks like a stick figure in the throws of happiness and bliss, arms raised up toward the heavens.

I just need the people to help me turn this image into a symbol... Please, if you believe in this positive image for peace, share us with your friends, and consider purchasing one of our unique handmade products sporting the new positive peace sign.

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